11 May 2015

News from India!

We've spotted maria-0077, one of the hosts of Allure, in India. She has taken part in one of her best friend's weddings as a bridesmaid and doesn't she look stunning in this bejewelled dress?

maria-0077 (Maria Stardoll)

29 Apr 2015

Hilmy causing drama at the soup kitchen!

Dollywood socialite Hilmy (emmahunt4) who we've spotted just yesterday looking diva-esque as always has caused some drama at the local soup kitchen today. Due to cheating the customs at DWA, Dollywood Airport, she was forced to pay downright ridiculous sum of 2000 $ and work at the local soup kitchen for dolls in need for 20h. As much as Hilmy prooves sense of fashion with her everyday outfits, I wonder what was going through her mind when choosing an appropriate (!!!) outfit for working at the soup kitchen.

emmahunt 4 (Hilmy)

The local responsible sent her home straight away, telling her to "wear something reasonable".

28 Apr 2015

Divaesque as always

We've spotted luxury girl Hilmy looking fabaccompanied by her newest, handsome bodyguard. How can she afford all those bags?

Hilmy (emmahunt4)

27 Apr 2015

Breaking up is hard to do..

Shortly after Manda had some trouble with her ex-boyfriend about her model career (Allure reported), she kept away from public, but Dress Up Secrets managed to take a snap of her relaxing at home looking cosy and bohemian. But wait, what is that? A love letter hidden behind her?!

Manda (MandaMichalka)

26 Apr 2015

Welcome to my bureau!

I completely forgot to introduce myself, sorry for that. My name is Cathy, mathildamath on Stardoll, and I'm living and working at my loft in Dollywood Downtown. Have you seen it yet? No? let me show you:

xoxo Cathy

20 Apr 2015

Sign Ups

Hi everyone!

I need dolls I can give a style-over to keep this blog running, this blog would just be pointless without you. If you have no problem with getting styled-over, reading imagined stories about your doll or sarcasm, sign up!

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xoxo Cathy

19 Apr 2015

Animal love?

Jgirl. decided not to take part in the legendary party at Dolito's Night Club since she decided to spend her time with her newest toy: her new pet monkey calles Cutiepie. And jgirl. wouldn't be jgirl. hadn't she styled herself  fitting Cutiepie's look! Rumour has it she even goes to the Dog Wash Saloon with him when he needs a new haircut...

What do you think? Decadence or animal love?

New media partner: Enjoy Stardoll

I'm very happy to announce our first media partner, Enjoy Stardoll! It's an amazing blog run by Virginia Moore known as Rei1981 on Stardoll. It's on spanish and it informs you about all the latest Dollywood news, has interesting styling posts and various contests!

click on the banner to get to the blog

If you want to be a media partner of Dress Up Secrets, too, check out the page 'Media Partners' and apply there.

xoxo Cathy

18 Apr 2015



I'm happy seeing all the sign-ups, thanks for your support! I'll make a list of the style-overs tomorrow. But there's one important thing I forgot to tell you:

Public followers of the blog will get styled first if they apply!

So if you have applied, make sure to follow the blog via Google Friend Connect (the bar on the top, just click Follow). If you haven't applied, you can fo course still do so here.

Have a nice weekend,

You better watch out!

Glimmer (CoralCool991)
The party finally started and let me tell you, it was amazing! In front of Dolito's famous panorama view window of Dollywood, I've took a quick snapchot of Glimmer looking ready to make some boys in the club crazy! She recently went to Delaro Beauty Palace and went through a Rita-Ora-makeover and it was a complete success!

Glimmer, some hours later. Might I say the party was a complete success? Purses are overrated, anyway.

xoxo Cathy